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Video: GPR Scanning Precast T-Beams

Locating rebar and pre-stressed cables in precast T-beams with ground penetrating radar (GPR).

The bonded pre-stressed cables in the stem of the T-beam are marked with high-visibility orange. Overall, the four pre-stressed cables have a draped elevation and are closest to the bottom of the stem at the midpoint of the beam. There is some variance in the elevation profiles of the cables however. In the middle third of the beam, all four cables are aligned at the same elevation. In the outside third of the beam, the two outside cables rise to a higher elevation.

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The Joint at Slabtown

Joint at Slabtown, 3D Data over Photo

This project demonstrates how we can adapt to unexpected challenges, overcome them quickly, & keep your project moving forward on schedule & within budget.

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Locate PEX Tubing in Concrete

Imaging PEX in Concrete

Locating PEX tubes in concrete is just another day at the office for us.  On this project, we marked up the location of all PEX tubing in an 18′ x 60′ area.  The tube layout is great.  It wraps around some existing equipment from the original installation with unusual bends and whorls.  Everything went great […]

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Backfill Mystery

We were called to ensure the area was clear of high voltage conduits prior to excavation.  With our expertise and cutting edge GPR imaging equipment, it should have been a quick one-and-done.  Years of experience, however, has taught us to never underestimate a project, especially a very old concrete slab. The good news: there weren’t any […]

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2D GPR Real-time Linescanning

First of three articles on 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar scanning. Real-time 2D GPR is effective and cost-efficient, but has significant limitations.

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