Locate PEX Tubing in Concrete

Imaging PEX in ConcreteImaging PEX in Concrete

Locating PEX tubes in concrete is just another day at the office for us.  On this project, we marked up the location of all PEX tubing in an 18′ x 60′ area.  The tube layout is great.  It wraps around some existing equipment from the original installation with unusual bends and whorls.  Everything went great and the new equipment was installed without a hitch!

In this case, the PEX tubes are used for radiant floor heating.  Hot water is pumped through the tubes to maintain temperature control in the building.  Our expert technicians have a great deal of experience scanning concrete for PEX.  Elevated decks and slab on grade are both straight-forward tasks in most conditions.  We can accurately identify the tubes regardless whether they are empty or filled with water.