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Video: Locating PEX tubes with GPR

Using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to scan a concrete slab and locate radiant floor heat PEX tubing. Results are marked directly on the concrete with this real-time 2D method. Rebar is also marked to help with drilling.

GPR is ideal for locating PEX tubes in concrete regardless if they are filled with air or water. X-ray technologies aren’t feasible for these slab-on-grade challenges. Accurate results with GPR for PEX are dependent on operator expertise and equipment quality. Concrete GPR LLC technicians have over a decade of experience, and use the most current digital GPR equipment available.

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PEX Tube 3D Mapping

PEX Tube in Elevation View; green and red dots highlight tied and untied rebar.

Concrete GPR mapped the location and depth of all PEX tubes in 6000 square feet of concrete slab with cutting edge 3D GPR techniques. The PEX tubing, used for radiant floor heating, was too shallow in many areas. Our findings enabled the general contractor to create a concise remediation plan without ripping out the entire slab.

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Locate PEX Tubing in Concrete

Imaging PEX in Concrete

Locating PEX tubes in concrete is just another day at the office for us.  On this project, we marked up the location of all PEX tubing in an 18′ x 60′ area.  The tube layout is great.  It wraps around some existing equipment from the original installation with unusual bends and whorls.  Everything went great […]

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