Septic Tank and UST Locating

Concrete GPR LLC is the Pacific Northwest’s leading provider of environmental investigation services with ground penetrating radar. Our crew has years of experience finding septic tanks, locating underground storage tanks (UST) in a wide variety of configurations, and clearing safe locations for soil boring. We can investigate a site with unknown history and evaluate if tanks currently exist or have been previously removed. Our expertise also includes arborist services, with tree root locating and mapping in 3D CADD ready output.

Finding Septic Tanks and Drain Fields

We quickly and reliably find septic tanks and drain fields, even if they’ve been abandoned for decades, with our state-of-the-art digital ground penetrating radar (GPR) equipment. Our technology and expertise allow us to comfortably locate septic tanks made from concrete, plastic, or metal.  The photographs below show the location of a septic tank and drain field which hadn’t been used in 50 years.

Locating Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

We accurately locate underground storage tanks (UST) and removal pits.  We find buried fuel tanks, oil tanks, and septic tanks — including drain fields. In most cases, we can also find evidence if a tank has been previously removed and the pit backfilled.

Some of the environmental investigation services we regularly perform include:

  • Underground storage tanks
    • Locate existing tanks
    • Explore property to find any unknown tanks (due dilligence and buyer protection)
    • Identify characteristics such as size, shape, depth
    • With or without concrete caps
    • Delineate removal pits for previously removed UST
  • Soil boring
    • Identify safe bore locations to avoid utilities such as water, gas, and electrical
    • Find areas adjacent to UST and removal pits for comprehensive soil sampling
  • Arborism
    • Find tree roots and differentiate them from pipes and utilities
    • Map size and spread of the root structure
    • Facilitate work like non-invasive excavation, eco-friendly pile driving, and tree relocation
  • Voids and sinkholes
    • Naturally formed
    • Caused by leaking pipes or improper drainage
  • Landfill boundaries
    • Gas vent locations

Consistently delivering accurate findings and exceptional customer service.

Environmental investigations naturally occur in the most unpredictable conditions, and throw many service providers for a loop. Concrete GPR LLC has the crew with the most experience to safely and accurately evaluate your site.

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Removal of an underground storage tank at a private residence

Photograph courtesy of Brilliant Environmental Services, LLC