Utility Mapping Services

Concrete GPR LLC provides utility mapping services to meet all applications. We have deep experience with advanced techniques for 3D mapping, as-built reproduction, and project preplanning with BIM. We’ve located utilities of all material types, such as cast iron / ductile iron, clay / concrete / brick, PVC / HDPE. Utility material composition generally falls into three broad categories — conductive (metal), earthen, and plastic. In typical conditions, conductive pipes are the easiest to identify, earthen pipes are the hardest, and plastic falls somewhere in the middle. These are important factors to consider when you evaluate a ground penetrating radar provider. Our crew at Concrete GPR LLC has a long track record of expertise with the broadest range of utility construction materials and local site conditions.

Some of the utility mapping services we regularly perform:

  • Mapping non-conductive utilities without a tracer wire
  • Water, sewer, gas mains and service drops
  • Locating energized lines
  • Process sewer evaluation
  • Broken pipes
  • Leak location
    • Associated┬ávoiding
    • Closed Loop Cooling systems
  • Thrust blocks
  • Excavations
  • Trench identification under asphalt or concrete paving

Consistently delivering accurate findings and exceptional customer service.

Whether you just need to know where the pipe is so you can safely dig a hole, or need CADD & BIM ready 3D utility maps for your entire facility, Concrete GPR LLC has the best expertise to keep you on schedule and within budget.

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    Buried utilities around a manhole vault