Archaeology and Forensics

Ground penetrating radar is very good for archaeological and forensic investigations because after a hole has been dug and backfilled, the edges and fill material are identifiable against the native layering for many years. Our staff at Concrete GPR LLC has many years of experience discerning human-impacted areas of the ground from naturally occurring artifacts.  When the need arises, we are ready to offer expert witness testimony.

Some of the archaeological and forensic services we offer:

  • Cemetery mapping
    • Identify occupied and unoccupied plots
    • Recover from vandalism, fire, or lost headstones
    • Allow historic cemeteries to generate self-supporting revenue by safely selling vacant plots
  • Cultural heritage management
    • Due diligence to evaluate a site before excavation
    • Comprehensive site evaluation after an incident
  • Rescue &¬†salvage archaeology
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Time capsule search and locate
  • Lost or hidden burials

Consistently delivering accurate findings and exceptional customer service.

Concrete GPR LLC provides forensic and archaeological services with unparalleled expertise and attention to the sensitive nature of these tasks.

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