Category: Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Videos

Video: Exterior Column Scanning with GPR from Swing Stages

Locating column rebar with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on exterior column faces at a hospital in Portland OR. Findings were marked directly on the column surface to facilitate installation of seismic reinforcement braces. Floors 10-17 were scanned. Columns were safely accessed with “swing stage” apparatus.

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Video: Locating Rebar and Conduit with GPR

Locating structural rebar and conduit hazards with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on an elevated concrete slab at the University of Oregon. Findings were marked directly on the slab surface, allowing plumbing and MEP subcontractors to safely layout and core drill to install piping. Rebar is marked in purple; conduits and other hazards are marked in orange.

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Video: GPR Scanning Precast T-Beams

Locating rebar and pre-stressed cables in precast T-beams with ground penetrating radar (GPR).

The bonded pre-stressed cables in the stem of the T-beam are marked with high-visibility orange. Overall, the four pre-stressed cables have a draped elevation and are closest to the bottom of the stem at the midpoint of the beam. There is some variance in the elevation profiles of the cables however. In the middle third of the beam, all four cables are aligned at the same elevation. In the outside third of the beam, the two outside cables rise to a higher elevation.

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Video: Locating PEX tubes with GPR

Using ground penetrating radar (GPR) to scan a concrete slab and locate radiant floor heat PEX tubing. Results are marked directly on the concrete with this real-time 2D method. Rebar is also marked to help with drilling.

GPR is ideal for locating PEX tubes in concrete regardless if they are filled with air or water. X-ray technologies aren’t feasible for these slab-on-grade challenges. Accurate results with GPR for PEX are dependent on operator expertise and equipment quality. Concrete GPR LLC technicians have over a decade of experience, and use the most current digital GPR equipment available.

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Video: Wilbur Cemetery GPR Investigation

Ground penetrating radar surveys of a cemetery plot was used as part of a historical investigation. This video demonstrates a time/depth slice animation of the GPR data, as gradient heat maps of signal amplitude after post-processing.

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