Company Profile

Jeff Sohlstrom
Jeff Sohlstrom, Owner
Reid Davis
Reid Davis, Owner

Jeff Sohlstrom and Reid Davis formed Concrete GPR LLC in 2016 to leverage their substantial technical expertise and commitment to quality customer service.  With nearly two decades of experience with ground penetrating radar, we provide a unique range of efficient, cost-effective services.

We are highly experienced imaging all major types of reinforced concrete: slab on grade; cast-in-place post-tensioned structures; pre-cast / prestressed structures; tilt-up panels.  We are also highly experienced scanning a wide range of underground services: utility locating; underground storage tanks (fuel / oil / septic); drain fields; bedrock mapping; voids & sinkholes.  This range of experience and services extends to virtually anything underground or in concrete.

Typically, GPR scanning is brought in after things are already going sideways, as a reactive measure, which can create extensive change-order type cost overruns.  In these cases it’s typically used like a fancy 2D locate, with findings marked directly on the surface so work can proceed as soon as possible.  We are highly proficient with this type of work and execute our projects with the best efficiency of time and cost.  However, with our expertise and background, we’re also able to offer advanced proactive 3D services.  With these services, we can create accurate 3D models of existing conditions.  In effect, we can re-create as-built documentation based on real existing conditions.  This is particularly effective in remodels and D&B projects, and can shift the imaging costs to the front end of the project.

We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about GPR services, and their application to various projects.  Please let us know how we can be of service to you.