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Video: Exterior Column Scanning with GPR from Swing Stages

Locating column rebar with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) on exterior column faces at a hospital in Portland OR. Findings were marked directly on the column surface to facilitate installation of seismic reinforcement braces. Floors 10-17 were scanned. Columns were safely accessed with “swing stage” apparatus.

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Utility Mapping Courtyard Drain Pipes

Courtyard Drain Map

Problem An open air courtyard with approximately 80 drains is experiencing poor flow and water backup from a random assortment of drains.  An adjacent roof drain is backing up as well, and is presumed to connect to the same drainage system.  The subsurface piping and connections between these drains is unknown and has made it […]

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Backfill Mystery

We were called to ensure the area was clear of high voltage conduits prior to excavation.  With our expertise and cutting edge GPR imaging equipment, it should have been a quick one-and-done.  Years of experience, however, has taught us to never underestimate a project, especially a very old concrete slab. The good news: there weren’t any […]

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2D GPR Real-time Linescanning

First of three articles on 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar scanning. Real-time 2D GPR is effective and cost-efficient, but has significant limitations.

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