Tag: GPR 3D data grids

Sinkhole Voids Under Concrete

3D GPR data slice depicting voids beneath a concrete slab in Portland OR.

Concrete GPR rapidly produced detailed reports of underground sinkhole and voids under a concrete slab for immediate remediation and repair.

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PEX Tube 3D Mapping

PEX Tube in Elevation View; green and red dots highlight tied and untied rebar.

Concrete GPR mapped the location and depth of all PEX tubes in 6000 square feet of concrete slab with cutting edge 3D GPR techniques. The PEX tubing, used for radiant floor heating, was too shallow in many areas. Our findings enabled the general contractor to create a concise remediation plan without ripping out the entire slab.

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3D GPR Grid Scanning

Second of three articles on 2D and 3D ground penetrating radar scanning. 3D GPR is cost efficient and highly effective for complex projects.

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