Seismic Retrofit, Butte Falls School

Butte Falls Charter SchoolButte Falls Charter School

Working with a local engineering firm, Concrete GPR LLC performed a comprehensive evaluation of structural reinforcing within the existing structure.  This evaluation will be used to assess the structure and plan future seismic retrofitting.


Evaluated exterior and interior concrete walls and footings, including pilasters, door and window lintels, and parapet connectors.  Rebar was mapped for all structural elements.  Walls were inspected for dowels or rebar ties to footings and parapet.


Investigated several areas of varying CMU construction, including staggered block and symmetrical block layout.  All CMU was evaluated for grouting, rebar, and k-web.  Bond beams and door / window lintels were identified.  Various reinforcing and grouting patterns in different generations of construction were mapped.


Several brick chimneys were scanned for steel reinforcing, including furnace and boiler room chimneys.


In most areas, walls were scanned from ground level to roofline.  Folding ladders and extension ladders were used to provide full height access to all required areas.